Best Neighborhoods in Michigan


Novi, Michigan's biggest attraction is the Twelve Oaks Mall. There is not a better option to keep teenagers occupied than shopping and socializing at an indoor, two-story mall. You will feel confident dropping off your teenagers or letting them drive to the mall to eat, shop and walk as they people watch in this suburban mall. Near the mall, are other attractions such as a movie theater, indoor putt-putt golf and a large sporting goods store with a climbing wall to keep your teenagers out of trouble when they are not in school. During school hours, you can rest assured your teens are receiving a great education. Novi high school carries a 97 percent ranking with the Michigan government's list of school rankings. The weather in Novi is perfect for year-round outdoor activities too. Your teens can ride bikes, downhill ski, run, walk or play sports. The competitiveness of Novi sports teams such as the Novi Jaguar soccer team is well-known throughout the area. Many athletes receive college scholarship from participating in community and travel sport programs. Novi also has an indoor sporting complex which is home to sports such as soccer, lacrosse and baseball. Your teenager can play his favorite activities year-round if desired. Novi is also a safe city with extremely low crime rates.

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