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Register your burglar and fire alarms with the City - Goal is to cut down on the number of false alarm calls

The City of Novi is hoping to cut down on the number of false alarm calls from its businesses by encouraging owners to register their alarm with the City.

An online form is being created that will allow police and fire personnel to make contact with someone at the business in the event of an emergency. The information in the form will ONLY be used by public safety personnel and is free of charge to all Novi businesses.

Each false alarm comes with a rather hefty price tag, as well as what could be considered a waste of resources should a true emergency exist elsewhere in the City and resources are tied up in the false alarm.

This registry encourages the listing of multiple internal contacts for the alarm companies prior to them contacting the police/fire departments. It also gives first responders an accurate point of contact - alarm company and business - at the ready when need be.

Look for the registry on later this month. If you have any questions about the fire alarm initiative, contact Wenona Graham.

UPDATE: The Alarm Registration Form is now live.  Register your Alarm.