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How can a business bid on local and state contracts?

Click on the link below to learn more.
 Guide to Doing Business with the State of Michigan

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Connect to Michigan Inter-Governmental Trade Network (MITN)

How can I find available properties for lease or sale in Novi?

Click here for Available Sites and Buildings.

Who do I initiate conversation within Novi in order to start my business?

Please call Victor Cardenas at 248-347-0450, or contact him via email.

Where do I find property zoning?

Click on the link below to view the City’s Zoning Map.
 Zoning Map

Please call Community Development at 248-347-0475 for additional assistance.

What uses are permitted in my Zoning District?

Click here to connect to the Zoning Ordinance, which is Appendix A of the Code.  Permitted uses for each zoning classification can be found in its appropriate article.  Some uses are considered Special Land Uses, which means that the use may be permitted based on approval by the Planning Commission.  For further information call the Planning Department at 248-347-0475.

Two men looking over plansWhat is the site plan process?

Below is a general description of the site plan process and the timeline each level represents.

1.  Interested in Novi? 
Contact Victor Cardenas at 248-347-0450 or via email.  He will assist you in setting up the initial meetings with the appropriate staff.

2.  Pre-Application Meeting
After you have attended a Concept Meeting and you have decided to develop a project in Novi, call Community Development at 248-347-0475 to set up a Pre-Application Meeting.  These meetings are typically scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Bring ten sets of folded plans to Planning and allow ten business days for review of the available plans (site plan, woodlands, wetlands, landscape plan, building fa├žade elevations, etc.) by each of the City’s reviewers before the scheduled meeting date.  There is no fee for the Pre-Application meeting.
 Pre-Application Form

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3.  Site Plan Approval
After you have attended a Pre-Application Meeting, you can submit ten folded sets of Preliminary Site Plans to Planning for review by the various disciplines.  In some cases applicants are asked to resubmit Preliminary Site Plans before they are scheduled for a Planning Commission Meeting, in order to make changes to the plans to better comply with Ordinance requirements.  Plans that are recommended for approval will be placed on the first available Planning Commission meeting agenda for their approval.  Planning Commission meetings are typically held twice per month. 

After receiving Planning Commission approval, allow for additional time to seek variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals (meetings held monthly) or additional approvals from City Council (meetings held twice monthly).

When all necessary approvals have been granted, you can submit ten folded sets of Final Site Plans to the Planning Department for review.   In some cases applicants are asked to resubmit Final Site Plans with the necessary changes made to the plans.  Upon the approval of your Final Site Plans, you will be asked to submit Stamping Sets.  Your required legal documents (easements, master deed, etc.) will be requested at this time, if you have not already submitted them for review. 

How long does it take to get a site plan approved?

The City of Novi is constantly striving to improve the time it takes to have a site plan reviewed and approved for construction, while balancing the unique environmental features of the community.  Currently, it takes approximately seven months to complete the site plan approval process.  This can vary widely based on the type of project proposed, whether or not a rezoning is required, and the quality of plans being submitted for review, among other factors.   To discuss your specific circumstances, contact Community Development at 248-347-0475.

What building codes does the City of Novi enforce for building compliance? 

Click on the link below for codes currently in effect.
 Codes Currently in Effect

Does Novi have a local Chamber of Commerce?

Yes. Click here to visit the Novi Chamber of Commerce website.


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